Jennifer Lopez's Thoughts on the Kardashian Sisters' Butts Will Slay Your Life

The OG booty queen has spoken.

Jennifer Lopez is the OG booty queen. This is a widely-accepted fact. However, in recent years, a clan of selfie-loving, waist-training witches known as the Kardashians have made the derrière their trademark. Head witch Kim is the main reason for this, given her affinity for provocative photo-shoots that break the Internet and hubby Kanye West's grabby hands. But make no mistake: Kourtney and Khloe have cast their own butt spells, too. (Khlo's Complex shoot, anyone? Kourt's literal Instagram page?) If you're 15 years old, you probably think these siblings are the reason why we love asses. You're wrong. It' J.Lo.

And the A.K.A. singer knows it. She stopped by Bravo's Watch What Happens Live Monday night, and host Andy Cohen asked her if she thinks the Kardashians stole her butt mojo. Her answer was perfect.

"I feel like I paved the way for them," Lopez said. "There's plenty of room for all of the ass!"

Damn straight! Lady Lopez did blaze the trail for the Kardashians--and everyone else, for that matter--to rejoice in the junk they have in their trunks. Please remember that the next time you throw on a pair of skin-tight jean shorts. Don't thank Kim's song "Jam." Thank Lopez, and blast "Booty" in proper tribute.