Beyonce's Wedding Dress at the 2016 Grammys Costs More Than a Wedding

But Bey taking us to church = priceless.

Beyonce's 30 seconds of shine at last night's Grammys was a 30-second religious experience. Literally. It's been confirmed that she wore a wedding gown.

Only the queen could get away with such a move, not only because she slays in a holy manner, but because she has an ungodly budget. Bey's stunning white perfection costed more than a typical American wedding (the average cost is $26,444, although most couples don't spend over $10,000, according to Google).

The price tag on Bey's angelic attire? $12,980.

The dress, style 1610, is part of Inbal Dror's 2016 collection, and can be found at select wedding boutiques in the US. (We called up Ivory & White in Birmingham, AL, who gave us the deets.)

Yup, Bey's few seconds of televised glory costed more than the most important day of your life. And this doesn't even count the Lorraine Schwartz earrings.

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