Jackie Christie Says She Doesn't Feel She "Was Drunk" When She Spit On Mehgan James

"First of all, I don't feel that I was drunk. I've been dealing with these ladies now for some years and I already can foresee a lot of their behavior..."

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Jackie Christie is one of the most memorable women in reality TV from her on-screen battles on Basketball Wives LA with Mehgan James, Malaysia Pargo, and Draya Michele to her frank talk about her sex life with former NBA pro-husband Doug Christie.

VH1 chatted with Ms. Christie about how she doesn't feel she was drunk when spit on Mehgan, what it's like to still be labeled crazy, and what it's like to have Doug in the mix.

What were your expectations for the Santa Barbara trip?

Jackie Christie: My expectations were to let us all go, let our hair down and hang out together and just have fun. Basically, bury any hatchets that might have been there.

When did things take a turn with your emotions and anger? Was it just being drunk or more being fed up?

First of all, I don't feel that I was drunk. I feel like I had a few drinks when we were out having fun at the lunch prior to getting to the house and everything had reached a boiling point. I've been dealing with these ladies now for some years and I already can foresee a lot of their behavior and how things are gonna turn out. I just wanted for us all to come together as a group and have a good time without any misconceptions or preconceived ideas. I just was fed up at that point, so it was kind of like "Leave me alone, let's have fun," that's what I came to do.

Did you feel like people understood you were hurt and sick of being in the mix?

Yeah, once I said that and all the girls started moving their way into the room coming and asking what was going on and I finally just said "You know what, I'm sick of it. Just leave me alone, this is silly. We're grown women here and if we came here to have a good time, we're all here so obviously we want to be here, let's just try." There was a point when me and Malaysia actually stepped outside and had a chance to speak for a minute and I just was telling her once again reinforcing that either you want the friendship or you don't. I think that we could be great friends, you obviously misunderstood, you know I would never make fun of your brother. Let's bury the hatchet once and for all. She agreed and we were talking, I just remember it was really cool and then Draya walked out and it just seemed like it went to hell from there. They didn't get in the Jacuzzi and it started getting chilly so we went and sat down and decided to play the game. That's when I came up with the idea of who goes to hell and who goes to heaven and I feel I was offering and an olive branch. I really felt the way that I felt when I said it, I wasn't trying to be funny or anything when I said that and we kind of went on through what happened and it just kind of panned out from there.

There's been a lot of talk this season about real friends vs. fake friends when the cameras aren't rolling who are you genuinely friends with? Like whose number do you have?

You know what? I have all of them's number except, and I have Malaysia's number as well. I have so many things going on with my husband and the NBA and [son] Dougie and all the stuff. I talk to Mehgan regularly, I talk to Angel regularly. I talk to Patrice here and there, she's a sweetheart. Brandi hits me sometimes and we chat here and there. I saw Malaysia at Access Hollywood and Mehgan and it was icy a little bit at first but then it definitely was fine. We talked a little. I've made it clear that my friendship with Malaysia is different. I think it has a lot to do with other people and other girls and her listening to outside things and then blaming me. In the public eye they are like "Is Jackie doing these things to her?" but from day one I've always offered a friendship to Malaysia.

Off the show, when the cameras aren't rolling, I'm cool with Shaunie we've been friends for years now and it's a sweet friendship, it's a respectable one. Shaunie is a grown woman, she's a mother, she's just a fascinating person period and we have a great time. I won't say we hang out all the time because she's busy with her kids, I'm busy with mine but we talk sometimes as girlfriends. Tami [Roman], same thing, I talk to her here and there. I haven't talked to her as much and I give her space. She's new back to LA and I just want her to have time to do her and as time goes on we'll see where that friendship goes but I have nothing but love and respect for Tami, definitely and that's pretty much it. And Draya, I saw her at a party a while back and she had some really kind things to say and it really blew my mind. She has respect and love and I appreciate that.

I'm a grown woman and I want to make it clear that my friend is Doug Christie. My friend is my sister. My God, my kids, you know people like that. I do appreciate other woman and the companionship with them and I don't think that these ladies should continue to say things like "Oh well everybody's her friend, this, that, and the other." It's not right. I'm a good person, I've always been, and I won't change it for television. I've never had an issue with girlfriends. Growing up my best friend was Tameka and she's been that for 30—31 years now. She's moved to LA and she makes appearances on the show.

Every season it seems that you get labeled as an instigator, and crazy, how do you feel about those labels? Do you embrace them or do you feel frustrated by it?

I do get frustrated about things to be honest it's ridiculous because for one, to label someone crazy I think that's an insult people that might have some type of mental condition. It's not funny, it's not cute and it's not nice. I'm not crazy, I have very good sense. I'm not insane or any of that but that's kind of what tag has been placed there.

I'm a Leo for one and I'm a leader. I feel like if I lead by example one day these girls will wake up and they will stop being this way and saying this nonsense. It doesn't make them look good, so if that's what they feel that they need to do is to try to put another woman down to make themselves feel better, I can't control that, I have no control over that. All I can do is keep being Jackie Christie, that's who I am. Yes, I'm quirky, yes, I'm different, yes, I dress different and I act this way and act that way but at any given moment if I wanted to fit in and be like them I could. I'm not a puppet though. I'm gonna do what I need to do; I've been this way my whole life. I think there's a lot of people out there that see past all of this name-calling and the nonsense. If I get into it with someone and I call names and all that, I always feel horrible and I definitely go and apologize but a lot of these years I've not torn these women down. I've either said what I thought was the truth from my opinion and what I was experiencing with them. It was never to say "Oh you're fat, or you're this, or you're dark" whatever it is, I don't do that. So yeah, it pisses me completely off when they do it but they continue to do it.

You seem like you handle everything with humor.

Yeah, I've learned a lot about myself from all the mimicking and stuff they've done over the years.

What is it like when Doug gets involved in the show? How does it make you feel, especially when you told him you spit on Mehgan?

My husband definitely stays out of anything when it comes to females and what we go through. He usually is a listening ear and gives me his opinion and I just feel like this season it kind of got, it kind of meshed him in a little and I didn't like it at all. I tried to keep him out of it but Malaysia really wanted this "meeting" this sit-down with Doug and I allowed it to happen. It was an emotional time for me, then talking with my husband and going through that as everyone seen we kind of made it through that whole thing.

As far as Santa Barbara, that was totally embarrassing. I did not want to make that call and tell him what happened and I knew he was gonna be upset because we talked before I went and he said "You stay calm, cool, and collected regardless of what they do and say. You know you can always come back if things go awry; you don't have to get involved in any sort of way just stay out of whatever drama that may or may not happen. I don't know what to expect either but I think you should go and have fun with them if it's something Brandi's trying to do." We were both kind of reluctant in the first place for me to even go and I went and for that to happen it was like "Oh, gosh now I gotta call and tell him" so yeah it's embarrassing. We're a very strong nucleus, my husband only sees, he's around to witness me doing businesses and business meetings and important things and that sort of thing. So to sit with a group of girls that I call my friends and then to get into it and then the very girl I introduced to everyone, to get out of hand like that, yeah I felt horrible. Then I felt when me and him talked about it at the workout, I didn't know if he really was taking sides or just kind of letting me know that it just wasn't cool so that's why we had the little words there. At that moment, I decided from this point on, I just won't involve him in that whole thing with Mehgan in them but he will always be involved with whatever else I'm doing, especially the show because that's what we do.

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