POLL: With The Moguls Final Decision Approaching, Which Contestant Do You Want to See 'SIGNED'?

Now that you've had a chance to hear more music from each artist, who are you rooting for?

The Moguls announced that there's going to be one final showcase, giving the artists one last opportunity to prove themselves before they decided who's getting signed to what label. In preparation, Lena, Just Brittany and Bria meet with celebrity choreographer, Binky to get their moves right and like you'd expect Bria is nervous and Brittany is not. Meanwhile, Nilly and King Dillon get a chance to meet Dave East and his manager Wayno and unfortunately Dillon gets nervous and chokes a bit. Rick Ross, The-Dream and Lenny S. poke fun at the Dillon/Brittany/Ross saga and she reiterates that they're just friends. In a huge plot twist, Lenny tells Dillon and Nilly that they're going to have to battle rap for their spot in the final showcase, despite neither of them being battle rappers. The Moguls announce that Dillon is going to battle Ren. When Dillon messes up against Ren, he bows out of the battle and The Moguls are all disappointed that he just quit and he goes home.

Now that we know all the drama leading up to the season finale, its time to visit the weekly ranker for you guys to vote for the artist you think deserves to be signed to a label deal.

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