Erykah Badu Tries Apologizing to Iggy Azalea, Ends up Dissing Her Yet Again

It just never stops.

Erykah Badu hopped on Twitter today to bring more LOLs and love to the world via #AskBadu.

Erykah responded to fan questions, expressing her admiration of Beyonce, dropping knowledge about how crystals are nature's computers and speaking about why she became a doula. She also gave this applause-worthy quote about rap vs. hip-hop: "Rap is something you do. Hip-hop is something we live."

One fan in particular took one for the team and asked Erykah what we've all been thinking since last week's BET Soul Train Awards: What was up with the Iggy Azalea cheap shot? Erykah took the opportunity to apologize to Iggy—sort of.

“You know what? I want to do this, for my daughters," Erykah started. "I want to apologize to Iggy Azalea because she’s one of their favorite artists. They listen to her all the time. It’s for them."

But then things went left.

"When I really think about it," Erykah continued, "if y’all love [Iggy] so much, why don’t y’all go be with her then? Go on be with her, y’all. Go on, Puma, go on, Mars. Is Iggy Azalea going to miss the healing seminar to go up to the school, sit across from the teacher, so she can tell you that all y’all been doing is talking to your neighbor, not getting your lesson? Is she? Where’s Iggy for that?”

Yep. Erykah poured salt all over Iggy's fresh wound. Someone get some gauze and antiseptic for her. Nick Young, this is your moment.

Iggy announced last week that she has a new album on the way (and multiple people agreed to feature on it). Read more about that here, and check out Erykah's #AskBadu Iggy diss below.