Big Ang Admits She Has the Power in her Relationship in the Couples Therapy Sneak

The struggle for power is real, y'all!

By Sarah Michel

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Big Ang puts out a hit on Neil! In this sneak peek of Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn, the pair have a breakthrough when Ang vows to "kill him with kindness," after years of holding all of the power in the relationship.

Plagued with issues of alcoholism and a sense of monetary insecurity, Neil has taken the backseat in his relationship with Ang. She admits that the reason she treats him the way she does is because she's used to the man acting like, well, the man in the relationship. Addressing this, the two vow, with their anniversary approaching, to work on them, and maybe even a little more (hehe).

With all the resentment and stress in the house among the other couples, all there is left to say is, "Awww sookie sookie, now!" Don't miss an all new Couples Therapy, Wednesday's + 10/9c!