Two-Time 'TMS' Gold: Aerosmith’s Joey Kramer On Writing While Wasted; Winger on Beavis + Butt-head

It's double the impact as hard rockers sound off in classic clips from <i>That Metal Show</i>.

We’re plundering the video vaults of That Metal Show every day in November, and today’s bounty comes up a double winner from Season 4.

First, TMS co-host Jim Florentine asks Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer about the difference between writing songs while under the influence of intoxicants (as ’Smith did in the old days) versus soldiering on while sober (as has been the rocking since 1987's Permanent Vacation).

Suffice to say, when Joey hears other musicians claim they have to get wasted to create great music, he’s got a definitive one-word answer for them. The drum deity also reveals the one classic Aerosmith LP on which he says, “I had no idea what I was doing!”

In our second TMS Season 4 treasure, bass-slaying frontman Kip Winger and guitar ace Reb Beach of Winger tackle co-host Eddie Trunk’s inquiry as to how their top-notch band—out of all the other vintage glam squads who went so far over the top—seemed to “take the brunt for all things that were wrong with the ’80s.”

Kip and Reb pinpoint Beavis and Butt-head’s wussy Stewart character, who infamously wore a Winger t-shirt, as the moment it began. Then Kip says he used to wonder if B+B creator Mike Judge had a very specific (and funny) grudge against him.