Press Play To Watch the ' Hit the Floor' Cast Commentary From Episode 309 (Spoilers Ahead!)

"They start to think things they normally wouldn't think."

With German now contemplating suicide after his big secret was revealed, Jonathan McDaniel feels that German has reached a new low point where ending his life seems like his only option in this week's Hit The Floor cast commentary. McKinley Freeman admits that German's reach of rock bottom shows a new dynamic of Derek and German's relationship. Derek's goal is to protect Ahsha even if that means protecting German.

Valey Ortiz gets emotional in speaking about the death of her character, Raquel...Three years playing a Devil Girl is a long time, and it's an emotional end to a beloved character.

Press play to hear from Don Stark, Valey Ortiz, and series creator James LaRosa about the latest episode of Hit The Floor, and don't miss an all new episode next Monday at 10/9c!