Farrah Franklin Needs To Let Go Of Her Destiny's Child Beef

Move on, girl.

-by Michael Arceneaux

At one point do you inhale, exhale, shoop-shoop and let a six-month period of your life go? For Farrah Franklin, the answer is 15 years and counting. The former member of Destiny’s Child did a recent interview with VladTV about her very short time in the legendary R&B group, only I struggle with the purpose of revisiting an issue she’s already addressed quite a few times over the years. With people like Wendy Williams, circa the radio years; in magazines like Sister 2 Sister magazine; on many a random blog over time.

I say this with the best intentions: Girl, move on.

As it stands now, Beyoncé, the solo artist, is an international superstar who is five albums into what has been one of the most successful careers in music history. Kelly Rowland has released multiple solo albums and is presently filming a television show centered on creating a new girl group for BET. Michelle Williams, has released solo music for both the secular and gospel fields, has acted on Broadway and has done some television work, too. Then there are the other former members of the group like LeToya Luckett, who released two very good solo albums (including one platinum release) and has created very steady work as an actress. And while she acted as if she was allergic to singing on the reality show R&B Divas: Atlanta, even LaTavia Roberson reemerged to the public and found herself something to do.

And you know, Farrah has done some things, too.

If memory serves, Franklin was briefly signed to Fabolous’ label, but did release solo tracks like “Get At Me” featuring Method Man. She had a cute cover on Smooth magazine. That is no shade. I mean it.

Wait, she just put out a new song and video in the summer. She should be talking more about that. Hell, talk about being on Millionaire Matchmaker. Just don’t talk about Destiny’s Child anymore. She was being goaded into talking about something that happened 15 years ago and was clearly still feeling a ways about it.

I understand that Farrah may have been mistreated during her stint, but enough. She essentially had a shitty job albeit a high profile, high paying one. It sucks that it ended, but think of it this way: children born the year she was in Destiny’s Child – again, for five damn months or so – now have learner’s permits. Would you still be talking about this?

Also make note that Farrah was in one music video and breathed a little bit on “Independent Women (Part One).” That’s more than many will accomplish in music, but it’s not exactly the kind of experience that should encourage anyone to keep two-stepping inside of a time machine.

Let’s put this in further perspective.

Beyonce doesn’t about Matthew Knowles anymore. Kelly Rowland doesn’t talk about Mathew Knowles anymore. Michelle Williams doesn’t talk about Mathew Knowles anymore. LeToya Luckett doesn’t talk about Mathew Knowles anymore. LaTavia Roberson doesn’t talk about Mathew Knowles anymore.

None of these women are still doing extensive interviews about something that happened 15 years ago although each of them easily has more to say than Farrah Franklin. Michelle Williams and LeToya Luckett even get along now – and Michelle was her replacement in the group. Likewise, Kelly Rowland and LeToya Luckett have since done interviews together.

Mathew Knowles doesn’t even talk about Mathew Knowles that much anymore.

Everyone has moved on. Farrah, do yourself a favor and quit it. It’s over. It’s been over. God bless, though.