Celebrate National Metal Day With These Long-Lost Clips Of Yngwie Malmsteen + Lita Ford On The First 'That Metal Show' Episodes!

Check back every day for the rest of November for some killer metal madness from the <i>TMS</i> vault!

Today is National Metal Day, and we've got our devil horns raised high—have you? To celebrate this unholiest of holidays, VH1 has something very special cooked up for you, our dear Metal Head family. We've combed through the That Metal Show vaults to bring you some long lost headbanging highlights from throughout the show's history! We'll be rolling them out every day (yes, EVERY DAY!) until the end of November, so be sure to check the That Metal Show page for your daily dose of metal madness.

To get things started today, we're bringing you our very first TMS guest shreder: none other than Mr. Yngwie Malmsteen. Make sure to wear a mask, because your face may melt.

[mtvn_player vid="1257558" id="1738716" autoplay="true"]

And we also have the wonderful Ms. Lita Ford tearing up as she reconnects with her fans on the VERY FIRST That Metal Show episode. What are you waiting for, people? This is metal history! Watch in wonder below. Be sure to come back tomorrow for more!

[mtvn_player vid="1250957" id="1738716" autoplay="false"]