Last Lap: Is One Of Drake's Former Enemies Now Digging His Music?

Linda Perry has a duet with Nick Lachey, Kanye West won't settle for second best, and 50 Cent opens up about the sales of his latest album.

  • Chris Brown posted a video of himself rapping along to one of Drake's songs. Given how acrimonious things used to be between those two, it definitely appears they've buried the hatchet. So guys, how's about a collab? [The Hollywood Gossip]
  • Prolific songwriter Linda Perry will soon debut her new show on VH1, and what better way to welcome her to the family than to have a duet with Nick Lachey?
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  • While at a seminar in France, Kanye West touted Apple's recent partnership with Beats Electronics. Yeezy said that the tech giant was the "Number One" company in its sector, and that if he had the same opportunity, he'd only want to work with the best. Hmm, that doesn't quite sound surprising coming from Kanye! [Rolling Stone]
  • 50 Cent recently dropped Animal Ambition, his first album in years. So is he satisfied with how many units he's moved so far? [MTV News]
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