Kanye West Leaves Fans Confused After Deleting his Twitter and Instagram Accounts

What will the world do without any Yeezy rants?

By Jasmine Washington

Kanye West has become known for his infamous Twitter rants, so it's only right that people are freaking over his departure from the popular social network. The Life of Pablo rapper has also ditched his Instagram account with no explanation for sudden purge.

As expected, many Yeezy fans were devastated by his choice to part ways with social media.

Others were unbothered by his sudden disappearance.

Hours before Kanye West's Twitter and Instagram accounts vanished from social media, Yeezy and his wife, Kim Kardashian, launched their Kid's Supply clothing line, leaving many to believe that his break was work related.

Watch VH1 staffers pick apart Kanye West's infamous Twitter rant in the video below.