A Basketball Wives Reunion? Draya, Sundy, Laura Govan and More Were All In the Same Room

Er'rybody who's anybody was there!

Pick your jaw off the floor! It was a Basketball Wives LA reunion of sorts at Angel Brinks' Five Year Fashion Celebration where some of the most infamous cast members were seen on the red carpet together.

They may have left past seasons hating each other but lots of the ladies turned out to show support to Angel. It was an A-list event with hip hop royalty Trina and Lil Kim also joining the festivities.

Draya Michele

After leaving Basketball Wive LA mid-way through season four, a pregnant Michele still showed up to show her sis Angel some love.

Sundy Carter

Amidst some nasty beef with Draya and Brandi Maxiell, Sundy previously left Basketball Wives LA but still showed the sisterhood some support.

Brooke Bailey

Another person who probably isn't number one on Draya Michele's list, Brooke Bailey came on out for the event.

Malaysia Pargo

A blonde Malaysia was there, of course!

Jackie Christie

As was the OG of the LA ladies!

Brandi Maxiell

Even though she left last season being fired by producer Shaunie O'Neal, Brandi still came out to show the girls some love.

Angel Brinks, Laura Govan, and motherf--king Lil Kim

And Laura Govan was there giving props to Angel and straight chillin' with motherf--king Lil Kim.

Angel Love

Back when this post originally went up, we had no idea Angel Love was the newest addition to the cast.

DJ Duffey

Sames, for Miss Duffey.

Do you think that secretly Draya, Sundy, and Laura all laughed at the good ole days and had a kiki?