Chloe Moretz Frantically Practicing Cello For 'If I Stay', Says Script Is "On Point"

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We're huge fans of Gayle Foreman's books around here and were thrilled when Chloe Moretz was announced as the lead in If I Stay, Foreman's gut-wrenching tale about a Mia, a gifted cellist and high school student who's involved in a tragic car accident. (We'd say more, but spoilers, ya know?) Fans of the book will be pleased to know that production is moving right along for the film.

"We just got our final draft of the script and I'm very happy with it," Chloe tells VH1. Oh yeah, and she's also doing a lot of this:

"I'm trying to fit in cello every five minutes," says the actress, complete with the above adorable pantomime. For more on her new co-stars, the script and Chloe's feelings about the book, check out the clip above. And grab a cup of tea and some tissues and read the book, won't you?