Miss Nikki Baby Confirms Being Intimate With Joseline And Reveals The Sex Of Joseline's Baby

"I love her. She loves me too."

We knew Nikki Mudarris and Joseline Hernandez were fond of each other, but we never knew exactly just how close the two Love & Hip Hop megastars were.

Nikki, who has been spotted on social media and on the show rubbing up on Joseline's booty, finally explains the extent of how "familiar" the pair are. When asked how many times she and Joseline have been lovers, Nikki laughs and responds whimsically, "I don't know how many times it counted."

Not only does she breakdown the special relationship she has with Joseline, she also spills the beans on the gender of Joseline's baby who is due in a few months and offers her services to be the baby's dad. There's a show we'd like to see.

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