5 Times Deb Antney Was The Trillest To Someone On VH1

From Mimi Faust to Heidi Montag, Deb always keep it a hundred with anyone looking for advice.

Deb Antney is the HBIC of hip hop music. She discovered Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj, and, of course, her son Waka Flocka Flame. The CEO of Mizay Entertainment has had many VH1 celebs come knocking on her door asking for personal and professional advice and Deb always keep it a hundred with them.

Check out the top five moments of Deb being the trillest.

Deb tells Mimi not to be a dum-dum.

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Deb gives Mimi advice on how to get out of her terrible contract with Nikko. The no-nonsense Deb can't believe that Mimi signed over 25% to Freako and that she's working with (and still loving?) Stevie. She tells her friend, in the nicest way possible, that she's still making dumb decisions.

Deb says Rasheeda's music is whack.

Deb tells Rasheeda she isn't feeling her music (specifically "Marry Me") or her image as a mom and grandma. Rasheeda breaks down and Deb says she needs to believe in herself enough to sell herself and her music.

Deb asks, "Where's Chrissy at?"

Deb keeps it real with Chrissy Lampkin about her future and her business. "You can't let anything stay in your head rent free. It ain't paying you? It ain't staying there." Deb thinks Chrissy needs to make her own lane and stop waiting for others to do things for her. Word.

Deb gives Tammy and Waka Flocka...crickets.

Deb makes sure Tammy and Waka know exactly what she thinks of them getting married in secret.

Deb pulls a pop-up on Heidi Montag

Believe it or not, Deb used to manage Heidi Montag and when Heidi was a contestant on VH1's Famous Food, Deb made sure to show up to keep Heidi's nemesis, Danielle Staub in check. Heidi was not too pleased about Deb's spontaneous arrival but would you expect anything less from Deb? She is just the trillest.