The Scoop: 9 Things You Never Knew About JasFly

New York based, journalist and multimedia personality, JasFly, does it all. Whether she's working on her #RealityCheck podcast, producing music videos (for Diddy, among other notable names,) or scoring exclusive interviews on The Gossip Game she always brings it with her unique and professional journalistic approach.

This season on The Gossip Game, Jas made her presence known without inserting herself into the middle of any major negativity. She used an unconventional (albeit, unappreciated) approach, getting rival radio station hosts, K.Foxx and Angela Yee, to sit down together to talk about the infamous Hot 97 vs. Power 105.1 feud.  She tried to mediate the Ms. Drama and Vivian's infamous ratchet-filled argument, until eventually giving up on Drama completely without so much as raising her voice. She stood her ground when Sharon insinuated that her brand of journalism was somehow more significant. All the while proving she can score exclusive and compelling interviews to Kim Osorio among other industry professionals.

We can’t get enough of JasFly so we set out to find out as much as we could about her and gave her The Scoop treatment. From her first concert (we're jealous!) to her favorite interview of all time, find out the nine things you never knew about JasFly!

The Scoop: 9 Things You Never Knew About JasFly

Read on to relive our favorite JasFly moments!

Jas is straight up with Drama about the fight with Vivian at Angela's blogger appreciation event:

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Jas shows us her unconventional tactics for getting the story by surprising Angela and K. Foxx with a double interview:

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JasFly meets with Sharon to discuss her condescending remarks and let's her know a real journalist always does their research and never makes assumptions:

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Despite finding out The Source may not be able to compensate her for her work, she shows her skills by producing an exceptional, exclusive interview with Kia Jeffries:

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Even professionals need love! Jas hangs with Grant at DJ class.

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And finally, Jas cuts ties with Ms. Drama in one of the most calm disagreementss in reality television history:

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