The Beyhive Just Refreshed Our Lives With an Unreleased Trailer For Beyoncé's 'Lemonade'

Now how'd y'all find this one?

Leave it to the Beyhive to sniff out the never-before-seen trailer from Beyoncé's critically acclaimed Lemonade film.'s already been a year and a half since Lemonade swooped in and completely snatched us bald, but the album still holds a special place in the Hive's heart. So imagine the hysteria when popular Beyoncé fan account Beyoncé Legion found a lengthier version of the Lemonade trailer that we had never laid eyes on. It includes some unreleased images from the album's various music videos including "Sandcastles", "Sorry" and "Love Drought".

The final Lemonade trailer that we're all familiar with was edited much differently, and didn't include as many vignettes and spoken word from the film.

Fans reacted to having their wigs snatched all over again by this new jaw-dropping trailer.

And of course, since Bey is ever so calculated, the wheels in our heads started turning and conjured up some theories of what the queen might drop next.

Bey, don't play with our emotions like this!


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