When Stuff Got Weird: 'Flowers In The Attic' + 10 Other Incestuous Moments On Film

Today the remake of the disturbing, provocative and emotional Flowers in the Attic is airing on Lifetime. The movie (and the book it's based on) may make us shiver, but it does star a very talented cast: Heather Graham, Ellen Burstyn, Kiernan Shipka and Mason Dye. In honor of this premiere and its weighty plotline (*cough* incest central), we've collected 10 instances of family intimacies that have reached blurry territory on TV and in film. From sibling makeouts (ahem, Star Wars) to dads getting hot n' heavy with their daughter's best friend (American Beauty) --- we're taking you to a disturbing place, and we have the video clips to prove it. So brace yourself for some uncomfortable squirming. Shizz is about to get really weird.

12. The Offense: Twins Princess Leia & Luke Skywalker Share A Passionate Kiss In Star Wars

In Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Luke’s enchantment with the beautiful Leia begins. Then in The Empire Strikes Back we watch the duo share a loving kiss. This is all good and fine, until we learn they’re twins in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. That’s grosser than Jabba The Hutt in a bikini. But, in their defense, they had no idea about their blood relations. Guess we’ll let this one slide, guys.

11. The Offense: Ex-Step-Siblings Cher and Josh Kiss…And Then Pursue A Relationship In Clueless

While this movie is predominantly about high school experiences, shopping and the exploitation of the phrase “as if,” it also covers the grey area between ex-step-siblings in love. If step-siblings are suddenly torn apart by their parents getting a divorce, is it still weird if they want to hook-up and like, fall in love and stuff? I say yes. Cher and Josh say otherwise. You be the judge.

10. The Offense: Step-Siblings Greg And Marcia Check Each Other Out In A Very Brady Sequel

Marcia and Greg take notice of each other and the undeniable hotness each one of them is oozing. Yes, they're stepbrother and stepsister, so it’s pretty freaky. Fortunately in this clip, the two are merely checking each other out. That’s innocent… right?

9. The Offense: Step-Siblings Greg And Marcia Make Out In A Very Brady Sequel 

Well, looks like these two just couldn’t keep their hands off each other. After their tension-building experience sharing a room, Marcia and Greg finally cave into their sexual attraction. They share an impassioned kiss, and then part ways. Probably best to go that route kids.

8. The Offense: Grace Cahill Begins Sleeping With Tommy, Her Dead Husband’s Brother In The Film Brother

Sam Cahill (played by Toby Maguire), a marine captain, is married to Grace Cahill (played by Natalie Portman). After leaving for his fourth tour of duty, news arrives that he has been killed. Sam’s brother, Tommy Cahill (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) visits Grace and the two form a sexual relationship during their mutual morning. The twist? Sam turns out to be alive and comes home to witness their newfound bond. That’s gotta burn.

7. The Offense: George Michael Is Blatantly Attracted To His Cousin Maeby On Arrested Development. Oh, And Then They Make Out.

In the first episode of the series George Michael develops obvious feelings for his cousin, Maeby. Gradually through the seasons, her affections build as well – ending with a climactic make out. (Bleh. Weird.) But, as the plot thickens, George Michael learns the two are not blood cousins – thanks to Maeby’s adoption. So it’s kind of okay that they like each other at that point, but also kind of not because they made out before knowing any of this. 

6. The Offense: Karen From Mean Girls Admits Her Cousin Is A Good Kisser

Karen may be an airhead, but that doesn’t justify her taboo behavior. Not only does she find her cousin sexy at the Halloween party, but she confesses to kissing him. The odd part? She doesn’t even think it’s bad! (Apparently first cousins are exempt…) Someone needs to give good old Karen the inside scoop on family ties and boundaries.

5. The Offense: Biological Siblings Jamie and Jenny Have A Hardcore Make Out In EuroTrip

This portion of the movie is basically a public service announcement against drinking. Brother and sister Jamie and Jenny find themselves on a fantastic European adventure with their friends, and naturally, want to party hard. However, when the two drink a healthy dose of the hallucination inducing drink, Absinthe, things get weird. They end up making out intensely, mistaking one another for sexy strangers. The scene is hard to watch, but also hilarious.

4. The Offense: Catherine Throws Herself At Her Biological Brother Jake In Not Another Teen Movie

This clip is obviously making fun of Cruel Intentions (more on that later...), but it kicks things up a notch by making the siblings full-on blood related. It’s weird, it’s creepy, it's gonna make you chuckle.

3. The Offense: Marty Makes Out With His Mom In Back To The Future

Yeah, this sounds pretty gross – but the kiss only happens because Marty finds himself in such a bad situation. Basically, the poor guy travels back in time, and accidentally stumbles upon his high school-age mom, who becomes attracted to him (obviously, not knowing he’s her son from the future.) In order to keep his identity under wraps, and ensure he and his siblings will be conceived in the future, Marty continues playing his part and eventually makes out with his mom. Fortunately, his mom finds the make out completely terrible – claiming it feels like she’s kissing her brother.

2. The Offense: Step-Siblings Kathryn and Sebastian Share A Sensual Massage In Cruel Intentions

It’s no secret Cruel Intentions has a twisted plot, laden with deceit, murder and a wink to semi-incestuous tendencies. Kathryn and Sebastian are step-siblings who share a lust for conspiracy as well as an apparent lust for one another. While the two are never shown getting it on in the movie – the idea is definitely suggested. When Kathryn teases Sebastian in this clip, tensions are high – and so is the level of creepiness.

1. The Offense: Lester Kisses His Young Daughter’s Best Friend, Angela In American Beauty

Lester first becomes strangely infatuated with his daughter’s cheerleader pal, Angela – but no actions occur. While his fantasies about her are undeniably unsettling, he keeps his hands to himself – at first. But by the end of the film, the two share a moment of intimacy (a creepy make out) and audience skins crawl. No thank you, very much.