Joc Knew It Was Going Down Between Tokyo and Spice the Minute Rasheeda Gave Up

"Rasheeda didn't even give up on Kirk. This is bad."

Joc has jokes all day.

Tokyo Vanity calling her fight with Spice a "mishap" was a trigger Joc saw coming a mile away and he admits that in this week's Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. "Rasheeda is trying to keep things cool," but when Joc sees even Rasheeda give up, he realizes "this is bad." He jokingly adds, "Rasheeda didn't even give up on Kirk." As we all witnessed, all hell broke loose and all BK Brasco wanted was a ride back to the ranch.

Meanwhile, BK needs Sean Garrett to keep it calm with Karlie Redd. While Karlie feels like her ex is over-emotional. What's new?

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