This Kindergarten Teacher Has His Students Make Madonna Music Videos And We're Living For It

Snack, nap, VOGUE.

This is living proof Madonna is the answer to everything. Including how to entertain a classroom of 5-year-olds.

Los Angeles kindergarten teacher Mr. Avina is blazing the trail for educators with his boundary-pushing approach to education. The teacher goes so hard for Madge that he directs his own music videos starring his students that are set to the pop queen's catalog. Adorable and fierce have never been so intertwined.

Here's his class doing Madonna's seminal classic "Vogue:"

The kids also took on M's '90s ballad "This Used To Be My Playground"...and they're wearing wigs:

In what we hope is the greatest Valentine's Day activity in the history of elementary education (Who needs those stupid shoeboxes, anyway?!), Mr. Avina led his students in a stomping cover of Madonna's recent single "Living for Love." We can't handle it.

Check out Mr. Avina's YouTube channel to watch more cute/iconic videos. [Warning: Procrastination will happen.]

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