'Hit The Floor' Finale: Jelena Gets Her Way (For Now)

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Tonight's Hit The Floor season finale is leaving no storyline untouched, especially if it revolves around woman-on-a-warpath, Jelena Howard. Losing the All-Star vote to doe-eyed Ahsha (thanks largely to Olivia's tip about leaking desirable info to the press) was the impetus the Captain needed to stake her claim in the squad for once and for all, and to do so she needed to remove the one person who was always getting in her way.

Judging by their interactions all season long, you had to think that only one Devil Girl would be left standing when the dust settled. Jelena may be conniving, cruel, and heartless, but she's a great businesswoman who appears to love the organization that's signing her paychecks. Masking her disdain for the one woman who is able to call her out in a cloud of necessary public relations "damage control" rids her of responsibility and makes the public believe Olivia's outing is simply something the Devils had to do. But who would have thought they'd replace her with Sloane? Is anyone friends in this town?

Check back with us for lots more from the Hit The Floor season finale. And stay up on all things Devil World by heading to The Locker Room.

Hit The Floor Episode 10 Jelena And Olivia

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