Dame Dash Isn't Down With the "Chatty Patty" Questions in This Game of 'Hip Hop Card Revoked'

"I feel like I'm gossiping."

Dame Dash is one of hip hop's most accomplished moguls. In fact, if it weren't for him, we wouldn't have Kanye West or Roc-a-Fella Records as we known them today. So with his hands-on knowledge, this game of Hip Hop Card Revoked should be a breeze, right? Hmmm...not so fast!

Dame considers himself to be more of a behind the scenes guy, so album dates, fun facts about artists fan-driven questions aren't really his thing. It all kind of sounds like "chatty patty" business, and we all know he has a strict "no discussing other men" policy. When it comes to the inspiration behind DMX's stage name or Nas' first official song on the radio, you might as well throw those questions in the tabloid file. Dame's always been a man making the moves behind the scenes, not another face in the crowd. "I was in the game. I wasn't the fan...I feel like I'm gossiping."

If you want to get Dame invested in any type of trivia questions, you have to throw some ladies into the mix. We saw his losing streak do a 180 when we threw in questions about hip hop's most popular women including Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah and the name on everyone's lips right now: Cardi B! Was it enough to bring him to a winning score?

Watch Dame's episode of Hip Hop Card Revoked above and don't miss his appearance on Hip Hop Squares premiering April 18th at 10/9c only on VH1!