Chris Rock, Whoopi Goldberg + Other Black Actors Redo White Oscar Movies in This Hilarious Skit

I'm screaming.

The 2016 Academy Awards are well underway, and Chris Rock is keeping the #OscarsSoWhite momentum rolling. He topped his slay-worthy opening monologue with a skit showing how white movies like Joy and The Martian would be different with Black actors in them. And it was everything.

Whoopi Goldberg threw some shade at Jennifer Lawrence's character in Joy. Rock demonstrated how The Martian would go down if he--and not Matt Damon--was the titular character. There is also a nod to The Revenant that will leave you on the floor.

The takeaway? Goldberg needs to be in every movie from now until the end of time. She is quick to check your f--kery! Watch some of it go down in the video below!

Watch a history of #BlackGirlMagic at the Academy Awards below.