Don and Sky Go Head to Head in This 'Scared Famous' Highlight, But Who Will Win?

Spoilers ahead for the season finale!

On the season finale of Scared Famous Don Benjamin and Sky are competing for their lives (and their charities) but who will live to tell the tale?

Dangled over a literal meat grinder, the contestants must remember patterns correctly or be dropped to their death. Unfortunately Don beats out Sky, and she ends up being, well...dead meat.

Don't feel too bad for Sky, she still went home with $5,000 for their charity! She rose from the dead to congratulate Don with an Instagram:

"Congratulations To My Bro @itsdonbenjamin & His Wonderful Charity #PeaceOverViolence ??✨"

Fellow Model Alliance member, Eva Marcille said, "I could not be more proud of my Bro Bro @itsdonbenjamin for Winning #scaredfamous for his charity #PeaceOverViolence ??? so deserved! What an honor it was to fight for @inclusionclubhouse weekly!!! #humbled #blessed #charityiscool"

And Erica Mena posted videos of Don doing a literal happy dance. It must feel good to have all of that cash.

And here's Don, literally sleeping with his check:

He wrote in his caption, "I am beyond blessed that I came out on top and was able to do it for a cause that means so much to me! Domestic violence is such a horrible thing for women to have to deal with and for any child to have to witness. So to be able to win $100k to help #PeaceOverViolence fight against it means the world to me! Thank you @vh1 for the opportunity! Ya boy had to take that W ?? #ScaredFamous #SleepinWithMyCheck #ModelAlliance"

Congratulations, Don! We hope you're sleeping well now that you aren't in a haunted house being tortured by ghosts! Catch up on last night’s season finale of Scared Famous on