It's Tearing Up Our Hearts: What Happened To Your Favorite Forgotten '90s Boy Band Crushes?


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color me badd


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Is there anything more changeable than the heart of a teenaged girl? One week she's plastering her locker door with photos of JC Chasez, and the next she's moved on to *NSYNC's far more mainstream success: Justin Timberlake. The 1990s gave tweens and teens a rotating carousel of cute boys singing songs. Some of those boys grew up to be successful men, like Timberlake or 98 Degrees's Nick Lachey. However, for every breakout success from a boy band, there are at least two more handsome and talented guys who never made the mainstream cut. So what happened to those other hunks?

*NSYNC's JC Chasez was once thought to be *NSYNC's most talented singer (and many a girl in my middle school thought he was way cuter than JT), but he never broke out the way Timberlake did. Now, he's producing music and managing a girl group called Girl Radical. Nick Lachey might be hosting VH1's Big Morning Buzz Live now, but his bandmate, Jeff Timmons, also has a cable show in the works. He's going to be starring in a new E! reality show about male strippers.

*NSYNC and 98 Degrees are just the tip of the boy band iceberg. What happened to the lead singers of Color Me Badd or O-Town? Which boy band heartthrob had a trance hit last year? And which British boy band star made it everywhere in the world but the United States of America?

Hey, some hearts are fickle, but we still care about each and every one of these '90s boy band hunks.

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