Papoose Will Come For Your Entire Life When You Try It With Remy Ma, Just Ask 50 Cent

No one needs to get the strap here. Let's all calm down.

A longstanding history proves that when beef between New York City boroughs arises, Brooklyn almost always prevails. Case in point: Papoose vs. 50 Cent.

Unless you've been living under a rock, or at a spot with no WiFi, then you would've probably already peeped how amazing Remy Ma has been looking lately. Her glow is especially significant considering she is four months preggers! The woman is glowing, OK? The Love & Hip Hop star continued to stunt on these heauxs over the weekend sharing a scantily sexy outfit while hitting them MF'n angles (Drake voice.)

Cute right? Well, when Queens-bred rapper and Power creator 50 Cent commented "Damn Remy you lost mad weight, hey slim" with the "eyes" and "smirk" emojis, Papoose wasn't playing any games with that man. In this capture by the Shade Room, Pap pulls a 50 by bringing the "baby mama" into things, asking Daphne Joy, mother of 50's son Sire, "no wedding yet?" Adding "If @50Cent doesn't marry you...I'll introduce you to my homeboy. He's more mature."

Lawd Jesus be a chill button. 50 has a history of trolling so it's probably all in petty fun but it's always dope to see how much Papoose holds down his wifey.



The jabs kept on going when 50 shared this message to fans about Remy.

Pap did get the strap though, a strap-on that is, sharing throwback pictures of 50 holding a couple.

And another:

You know 50 would never take an L and he kept it going with this photoshopped (?) photo of a hairlineless Pap.

Will it ever end?

Want to know how they've been doing it for nearly a decade? Check out Remy and Pap's guide to #BlackLove.