Squad Goals: Meet ' Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' BFFs D. Smith and Betty Idol, Who Are Already Coming For Everyone

"This season of Love & Hip Hop is all about us."

What happens when you and your best friend are beautiful, talented, and cast on the same reality show? Ask D. Smith and Betty Idol, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's newest best frans who aren't playing any games when it comes to dealing with their fellow ATL-iens.

While D. Smith recently made headlines for being the franchise's first transgender woman, with extensive resumes and receipts that show they've worked with everyone from Lil Wayne to Gwen Stefani, Grammy award winning producer D. Smith and songwriter Betty Idol are ready to prove they got the "hip hop" part of Love & Hip Hop on lock, and there's a lot more to both of them for you to focus on than gender.

Grammys? You bettah! Check out the dynamic duo, and don't miss the season premiere of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Monday April 4th at 8/7c!