James LaRosa Just Blew The Lid Off Some Of Your 'Hit The Floor' Fan Theories (And Blew Our Minds In The Process)


There were so many cliffhangers after last night's Hit The Floor season three finale, that we almost didn't know where to start when putting together our biggest questions and "WTF just happened???" moments of the night. We had about a million theories about Raquel, Zero and his sister, and of course, who shot Jelena, and we put them direct to the man himself, James LaRosa, to find out what the mastermind behind the show had to say about them. Surprisingly, James was incredibly forthcoming about MANY of the fan theories that were floating on social media last night, and he told us straight up that some of you are definitely on to something. Some of you are dead wrong though.

Did Raquel REALLY kill German or is she just taking the fall for him?

James LaRosa: German killed Olivia. Raquel's final act in her life was giving him his life back. Which was shocking, beautiful and very Raquel.

Can you explain why Jelena basically turned on everyone at the last minute? Was she always that evil? Did Terrence's lack of trust in her flip a switch?

Jelena's long game --- acquiring the arena and using it as bait to ultimately get the team, always involved Terrence. They were going to have this together. But Rennae's arrival complicated all that in an unexpected way. It would almost have been better for them if the baby was really his. But it awoke a need in him to be a father, and by forcing the issue it exposed the lack of trust at the core of their relationship. What Jelena did, cutting Terrence out of the team, wasn't punishment. It was kindness. She set him free in a way that was so cold it would MAKE him let go. Otherwise he never would. We saw when she walked away the anguish in her face, which she hid from him. She wants him to have a beautiful life. But she realized, it can't be with her. Despite what Terrence tried to fool himself into believing, a relationship without trust is no relationship at all.

Did she turn on everyone in the end? Hell no. Trading Zero was a direct response to him double crossing her with Derek's trade earlier in the season. He told her payback's a bitch. "Payback's a bitch, bitch" is just a sexier way of saying checkmate. And if you notice, she only turned and fired on him in the hallway after he said the word "Terrence." Which was probably the worst thing to say to her in that moment. And Sloane and Ahsha were never on Jelena's Christmas card list.

What hints can you give about Zero's sister? Fans are speculating that she's someone in the Devils universe. Can you discuss if there's any validity to any of these theories?

As a writer, when I hear fan theories my mind immediately goes to why that would or wouldn't work. I have fun with them, especially when they're harder to poke holes in. Kyle and Mia as Zero's sister are both fun. I've also heard Lionel. Beyond that I say nothing, ha.

Are there any clues throughout the season or Easter eggs people can go back and look for to piece together any of the big surprises that the season ended on?

Following the trail of the gun is important. Who know about it, where we saw it last, who was in proximity. Of course we may not have all the information yet...

Fans have constructed elaborate theories – not unlike playing a game of Clue – to rule out Jelena's shooter. "Couldn't be Pete or Lionel because they're trapped. Can't be Derek, he's waiting for Ahsha..." Do you have a favorite theory or fan submission?

Fans have rounded up who they believe are the likeliest suspects, among them Oscar, Terrence, Sloane, Ahsha, Zero, Jude, and Zero AND Jude. All have motives and opportunity. Like they have been the last 8 months, my lips are sealed! Once again, the cast doesn't know, including the lady herself, Logan Browning. I will say, from the theories I've read, many of you are wrong. But some of you are 100% right. ?