North West Telling the Paparazzi to Beat It Is Both the Cutest and Saddest Thing Ever

She didn't choose this life, y'all!

Prepare to let out an "awww" and "ahhh!" simultaneously.

The peeps over at TeamKanyeDaily posted a video of Supreme BB Queen North West walking with her nanny (?) while a slew of photographers capture her every precious move. Clad in a tutu and stylish brown jacket, you can clearly hear Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's bundle of joy say, "I said no pictures!" with an innocent cadence. Nanny then mimics her— "She says no pictures!" —with a smile that essentially reads, "Isn't she adorable, folks?"

Yes, she is. North is an angel and—on the surface—this video will melt your heart. It's the first time I've ever heard North speak at all, and that's enough to turn even the iciest cynic into mush. The tutu! The big-girl jacket! It's all SO. DARN. CUTE.

Except, well, it isn't. Notice how neither of North's famous parents are there. The paparazzi are there solely to snap photos of the almost 2-year-old. North bops along happily as if this is just another day. None of this phases her in the slightest.

And isn't that kind of depressing? North is so immersed in media shenanigans that walking with easily 15 grown-ass men in tow is routine. I'd imagine any other child her age would freak out over the weirdness of this situation, and yet North does nothing. There is something very eerie about that.

Also, where do the paparazzi get off taking photos of this literal baby without her parents present? She didn't choose to be famous. She didn't choose this life. The only time it is remotely acceptable for North to be exposed to this level of brouhaha is when her glossy parents are there. Don't subject her to this just because you know you'll get some money from it. Shame on you, paps!

Simply put, these photographers need to learn some boundaries. If their A-list parents aren't in sight, offspring should be off-limits. No questions asked. Anything else feels like a violation and makes my skin crawl—now matter how cute I might think it is at first.