Watch Teyana Taylor Breeze Through This Game of 'Hip Hop Card Revoked' Like the '90s Queen She Is

She made it look easy.

If you know nothing else about Teyana Taylor, chances are you know this girl loves all things '90s. From her impeccable Lil' Kim tribute to her expertly choreographed '90s dance routine, its clear that Tey Tey is a student of this era.

So it comes as no surprise that this songstress scored an impressive A+ during this round of Hip Hop Card Revoked. That's right - it was a sheer flawless victory! It's flat out impossible to trip Teyana up on '90s TV and movie trivia, whether its about every character from Martin or the nitty gritty details from Boyz in the Hood. No pressure or anything, but can you match up to her black belt knowledge of the '90s? Try your luck with the quiz below and see how you match up to the '90s queen in the video below.

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