Jessie Ware Give Props To Amy Winehouse For "Opening The Door For Us Jews" To Sing Soul And R&B

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Amy Winehouse is the upper echelon of white British singers andApril's You Oughta Know artist Jessie Ware gives her props for opening the door for singers like her who have an authentic connection to soul and R&B.

"I think it's so funny that I've been allowed to get away with being called R&B and whatever, seeing as how I am this white Jewish girl who is from London," she said. "It's not exactly where it's popping off for R&B." Jessie's music isn't exactly R&B but the influence is there. It's music you can feel. Amy Winehouse was all soul. There was a pain in Amy's voice and lyrics that couldn't be classified as anything but soul or blues. "I feel lucky because I feel like people like Amy Winehouse opened the door for us Jews to kind of get in there with the soul thing and R&B thing," she said.

Whatever genre you consider Jessie's music it's obvious she's singing what she loves. It's precisely why her Brownstone "If You Love Me" cover is so natural, and a hit among R&B fans who revere 90s R&B.


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