Beyoncé Sits This Ass On You, Taylor Swift Hangs With Lorde And More Of What You Missed On Instagram

Beyonce Album

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Taylor Swift Lorde

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Taylor Swift Lorde

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Taylor Swift Lorde

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Taylor Swift Lorde

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Ludacris, Paul Walker

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Kendall Jenner

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Lindsay Lohan

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Miley Cyrus

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Gisele Bundchen

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Emmy Rossum

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Retta Beyoncé

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While you were sleeping, Beyoncé unleashed a cascade of sexiness in the form of a 14 song, 17 video "visual album." Her self-titled fifth LP--released in full with zero promotion--follows husband Jay Z's 2013 mantra #newrules and has had us--and Parks and Recreation's Retta!--bugging ever since it landed on iTunes early Friday.

As always, the Kardashian family made headlines (R.I.P. Khloe & Lamar) and 18-year-old Kendall Jenner did her best to encourage rumors that she's more than friends with a certain One Direction star. And with that, let the Yoko Ono comparisons begin!

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Taylor Swift's quest to befriend every young, slightly edgy emerging artist on the globe continued, as she had You Oughta Know alum Lorde at her side during her birthday celebration Down Under. Paul Walker was laid to rest by family and friends and Gisele's breastfeeding did not go unnoticed. For more of what you may have missed as winter came in with a roar over the weekend, check out our photographic recap above.

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