First Dibs: Is Columbus Short Obsessed With Fights?

Which celebs made it on Big Morning Buzz's fashion round up? Why is Gabourey Sidibe an "asshole?" Will there be a Sopranos prequel?

  • Columbus Short is trying to prove that he's not the violent one in his marriage by shooting and posting of a video of his wife in a violent fight on the internet. Short's wife has already filed for divorced and requested a restraining order. [TMZ]

  • Which hot celebs lit up the red carpet this week? Big Morning Buzz Live has the scoop.
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  • Gabourey Sidibe gave a speech about celebrating unorthodox beauty. She mimicked people asking her why she's so "confident," and answered, "Because I'm an asshole!" [Eonline]

  • Sopranos creator, David Chase, admitted that he's toying with the idea of a Sopranos prequel movie. "A lot of people have talked to me about it, and frankly I still flirt with the idea sometimes." [MTV News]
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