People Were in a Frenzy Over a Rumored Jay Z Album Release, But All They Got Was This

The time 4:44 might have everyone fooled.

Jay Z broke the hearts of all of Twitter today. After mysterious billboards reading "4:44" started randomly popping up around New York City, fans quickly plugged it to a new Hov album, specifically Blueprint 4.

Well, so far, that isn't the case. When 4:44 (EST) rolled around the world went silent... and absolutely nothing happened. Well something did happen but only noticed if you had a Tidal account. The music streaming site reportedly upgraded their system for users. Go check it out here. Some people are still thinking that the album will drop at 4:44AM on Wednesday June 7. Some think TIDAL is taking a slow time uploading the album. Some think that the "4:44" signs have nothing to do with Jay, and others are just furious.

Regardless of what you think is going with these mysterious numbers, Twitter has created some hilarious reactions to help you wait until Jay finally does drop his album. Enjoy!

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