It May Not Have Worked Out with Shun Love and Apple Watts, but That Won't Stop Shun From Finding the Next Cardi B

Step aside, Kris Jenner... There's a new Momager in town!

"That's what I call the 'Shun Effect,'" Love & Hip Hop Hollywood newbie Shun Love said when I told her that she added an element of warmth to this season of the show. She just stepped away from a lunch with her artists to chat with us for a little bit. According to her, she has a table full of her homemade fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, cabbage and corn bread waiting. If the "Shun Effect" includes that kind of spread, I definitely want in!

When it comes to Shun, she knows what she wants, and she knows how to get it... ESPECIALLY when it comes to her daughter Amber Diamond.

Even though some people thought Amber couldn't sing after her little situation with Roccstar, this Momager wants you to know she makes sure Amber keeps up with all the skills she needs to be successful in this industry from singing lessons to Spanish classes.

“I really want her to be as aggressive about her career as I am. I want her to know that there’s no working for anyone," Shun said. "There’s nothing you can’t do yourself."

This same Mama Bear mentality took over when Shun met Apple Watts. Shun quickly connected with her, as the two bonded over their rough pasts and hopes for the future.

See, Shun made her way to L.A. from Alabama without a penny to her name. She was previously a wealthy nightclub owner, booking arena shows all over Alabama, but she admittedly lost all of it due to a gambling habit that went south. That didn't stop Shun from picking herself back up and starting her career over. Eventually, she began booking artists like Gucci Mane and Future, changing everything.

In Shun's eyes, if she could turn her life around, she was sure Apple could, too. Shun took her under her wing, buying her shoes and building her up into the performer she knew Apple could be.

“When I met Apple, I looked at her and was like wow," Shun said. "You know, you can tell she’s a diamond in the rough. She was super rough around the edges on the outside, but she just needed a little TLC."

Unfortunately, things started to fall through when Apple's life took a bit of a turn for the worse. After dealing with a fraudulent father who pretended to have her best interests at heart, Apple shut everyone out, including Shun.

“I spent major money on that girl, and was getting ready to spend way more, but she just has a lot of demons that she needs to take care of," Shun said. "Until she fix herself, ain’t nobody gonna deal with that."

But don't worry about Shun! She's got other artists in the works. Remember those people she had waiting for her at the lunch table? She's moved them all to L.A. from Alabama to manage them.

"Anyone I take under my wing, you’re mine now," Shun said. "I believe you deserve the best, and I shall give you the best."

So while she's working on finding the next Cardi B, you can catch her on the last episode of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion! She's got plenty to say, so I'm sure this won't be the last we see of Miss Shun Love.