After That Shocking Twist, These Power' Fan Theories Are Predicting Every Which Way the Season Could End

Kanan had the strap and didn't use it on Tariq. So what's next?

This story contains major spoilers and theories about the TV series Power. Please don't read this post if you do not want to know what's happened or what could happen on Power. We're serious. You've been warned.

Now time to get to it.



Now that Kanan is gone for real, for real, Power fans are seriously wondering what could possibly happen the rest of this season.

Fans and critics have never been shy about vocalizing just how cold-blooded Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson's character Kanan was, especially after murdering his own son, Shawn (played by Sinqua Walls). That decision seemed to bite him in the ass in the episode of his demise, and appeared to be the co-sign Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) needed to go along with Tasha's plan to frame his recent mentor.

Kanan went out like a G #PowerTV #50Cent #Kanan

— Eduardo (@euphanasia_) August 27, 2018

When caught up by TMZ 50 Cent all but confirmed Kanan's character is gone for good.

And if you don't believe the rapper-turned-executive-producer, the morgue scene where Tommy claims to have felt betrayed by Ghost because he believed his "partner" concocted the whole plan will certainly serve as a literal nail on Kanan's coffin.

Many fans felt that killing off his own character could've served as the season finale. You all have voiced your opinions on various social media platforms and seeing as it happened on episode eight of the season, could it mean that it could get more lit from here?

Here are some possibilities:

We will learn the real reason of why Tasha despised Kanan so much.

Kanan killed Shaun his son, then Tariq said ‘how could you kill somebody you love’. Kanan says ‘your not a real killer till you do’ then called a Tariq ‘Killer’. Could come out in the next season that Tariq is Kanans son and he set up his own dad to get killed? #Power #Kanan

— Mark Clelland (@markclelland_) August 27, 2018

Tariq being the biological son of Kanan isn't an uncommon theory among fans. It has been speculated that Tasha's (Naturi Naughton) disgust for Kanan is rooted in the fact that the two of them had some kind of affair back in the day.


tasha kanan

Kanan and Shawn didn't exactly have that father-son bond (I mean, he did kill his "only" son) but when it came to Tariq who boldly betrayed him, 50 had the strap but didn't pull the trigger. When asked during their drive, moments before his fateful demise, Kanan explained to Tariq that he only killed his son, Shawn, because he was "disloyal" and "not built" like the two of them. It was then that Kanan promised to never do anything grimy like that to Tariq, a word that he kept to his very end. As much sense as the Kanan and Tariq as father-son conspiracy theory makes, writer Courtney Kemp shut down that rumor last year, saying that Raina (Donshea Hopkins) and Tariq are twins and Kanan is definitely not the father. With that being said, why did Tasha get so nervous when Kanan was around? Did they really have an affair back in the day or does she just purely hate the man? Whatever the reason, we hope to find out soon enough.

Tariq will remain in the drug game.

Wouldn’t it be crazy if Tariq started working with the Italians and took over Kanan’s operation as the new Distro.... @Power_STARZ #PowerStarz⁠ ⁠ #PowerTv⁠ ⁠ #PowerSunday #Kanan #Tariq

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As hated as Tariq is by fans, each week he continues to impress to the point of viewers reluctantly rooting for him. His acting skills to fool detectives into believing his family's lies should be proof in itself of his ability to rise as a drug lord.



One of the reasons Kanan even took Tariq along to steal Tommy's distro connect is because Young St. Patrick revealed that he takes Italian at the fancy prep school Ghost spends thousands for him to attend. Now that Kanan is out of the picture for good, some fans think that Tariq will pick up where his former mentor left off, snaking the connect from Tommy to run a show of his own. Not sure how Tariq would be able to get this done after having the only shooter and person on his team killed, but he certainly has the gusto. Whether he was playing Kanan or not, Tariq did not hesitate to get the strap when he found out he was played with counterfeit bills during a drug deal. Safe to say, Tariq is about that life even though it's clear he does not need to be. When interviewed by Deadline, 50 Cent pretty much confirmed he will definitely have a larger role saying, "He’s going to be a criminal f----g mastermind and there’s not a Goddamn thing Ghost can do about it."

Tommy will choose his father over Ghost.



Since William Sadler's character Teresi appeared in the picture out of nowhere (to Tommy), his long-lost son has been too blinded by the concept of family to realize that daddy dearest is working with the Feds to have Tommy and Ghost locked up. Although warned several times by his lifelong partner and brother Ghost, Tommy refuses to believe that Teresi is anyone other than who he's portraying himself to be, even though Mak (Sung Kang) will tell a different story, one that Angela kind of knows now. Ghost's distrust of Teresi has already caused friction between James and Tommy but the death of Kanan made the tension obvious. We know that the plan to set up Kanan which ultimately got him killed was all Tasha and Tariq's doing (Ghost planned to set up Dre played by Rotimi) but Tommy doesn't believe it. Could this be the beginning of the end of their alliance? We hope not because as much as Tommy likes to think the Italians are on his side, we all know, they ain't that loyal.



Lakeisha is going to crack.

LaKeisha's going to have to keep holding it down for Tasha. Watch a new #PowerTV NOW on @STARZ.

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When having a kind of awkward family dinner with Teresi and his wife Connie, LaKeisha told a good story about how she's about this life and is willing to lie for a criminal she loves. It wasn't until she was served with a subpoena that fans saw that wasn't entirely true. Under pressure, Lakeisha, played by Lala Anthony, confronts Tasha about all of the messed up things she has been put through during their time as friends. As if using her salon to launder money, wasn't betrayal enough, committing perjury is whole other level of "y'all got me f---d up."

The more Lakeisha speaks to Tommy and Tasha about her role in keeping them safe, the more she sees that they are only looking out for one another, not her. She did confirm the St. Patrick's account of events in the case of the death of Detective Ray Ray, but Ghost's family has many more legal problems on their plate. Will Lakeisha be able to keep it together?



Proctor will bring down Ghost in an attempt to bring down Angela.

Proctor is a snitch now #PowerTV

— Alex05⚽ (@Joelalex2705) August 26, 2018

Everything seemed to be going smoothly for the St. Patrick family: Dre was framed for killing Diego Jimenez (Maurice Compte) thanks to Kanan saving Diego's head as a souvenir and leaving it with Ghost and Tommy. Kanan dies in a shootout with the police and is implicated in the death of Ray Ray, taking suspicion off of Ghost but more importantly, Tariq. Justice seemingly did come for Raina. For once in a very long time, it seemed as if Ghost's family found some sort of peace. Sad to say though, it won't last long. Stuck between a rock and a hard place in his own mind, Jerry Ferrara's character Proctor, cracks under pressure by telling the feds that they should be looking into AUSA Angela Valdes played by Lela Loren for any shadiness involving Ghost. This was particularly infuriating to watch because if Proctor chilled out for a little more time, he wouldn't have had to say anything based on the success of Tasha's plan to frame Kanan. Now Proctor, who the feds always believed to be the true identity of Jaime St. Patrick, has confirmed their suspicions of not just Ghost but Angela as well. An independent investigation of Angela was already underway, but this information will put it in full force. Since the show's series premiere, Angela went from an enforcer of the law to a criminal by tampering with evidence and protecting a known kingpin. Will she throw in the towel when the heat is turned up or will she continue to protect the man she loves while putting her own career and reputation in jeopardy?



BUT, we can't forget one important thing involving Proctor. He was present when Tommy killed the homeland security guard and is still in possession of the deceased's laptop.



A simple warranted search of Proctor's apartment could easily show trace evidence of blood from when Tommy stabbed the officer to death. Implicating Valdes could open a whole new can of worms for Proctor. Losing his ability to practice law may be the least of his worries now.

Teresi will be found out and killed by his own son.

Power Season 5 2018

Since being released from a life sentence by Mak and Saxe, Teresi has been a confident informant for the prosecution, snitching on his son and Ghost based on knowledge obtained from the inside and their current business dealings. We cannot forget that Teresi was a witness to Ghost killing CO Marshal Williams portrayed by the late and great Charlie Murphy.



Despite the fact that Teresi helped cover the murder up at the time, Ghost has always been sketched out by Teresi's sudden willingness to connect with his long-lost son. However, Mak's tip to Valdes to secure a new job in D.C. may be the confirmation Ghost gets to have Teresi removed for good. Teresi's own wife, Connie, is smart enough to know that someone just doesn't get out of serving a life sentence without being some kind of snitch but Tommy's desperation in knowing his own family has blinded him to the possibility. Angela doesn't know the "old guy" informant is Tommy's father but how many old guys do we see on the show have the opportunity and means to bring down Ghost and Tommy to save themselves? Granted, Angela isn't around Tommy to know who he spends his time with and Ghost isn't exactly forthcoming with his day-to-day happenings but it could be a matter of time before two and two come together. Tommy's mother's theoretical "I told you so," if it comes out will probably sting Tommy enough to push him to make an extremely difficult decision. In the criminal world, snitches don't survive, and what Teresi is doing to his son will certainly discredit him. Would Tommy be angry enough to snap out of this "son" bubble and take care of a rat as a true boss would? After all, he had no issue killing his girlfriend, Holly, and that was to protect Ghost.

With so many different storylines, anything could be possible and many questions remain like:



Will Terry Silver come back and what will happen when he does, especially now knowing Tariq is the one who really killed Ray Ray?

What will happen now that Diego is dead and Dre is set up for the murder. Will Diego's sister Alicia help him since she wanted her brother gone too? Now that Dre is locked up and has caused issues with his "right-hand," will 2-Bit and Cristobal get into it now?



How will Dre's arrest impact Ghost's relationship with Tate and the Raina Foundation project. Right before Dre was arrested, Ghost warned Tate, played by Larenz, that it would be wise to cut ties with Dre. Tate seems to be into some shadiness himself. Will all of this work in Jaime's favor or will it somehow come back to bite him?



So many possibilities at this point and with only two more episodes for this season, anything seems possible.

Watch as creators Courtney Kemp and 50 Cent remember how amazing Charlie Murphy was on and off set during his time on Power.