Christian Taylor: Unarmed College Football Player Shot + Killed by Police

When will this end?

Another black male has fell victim to the Police when Christian Taylor, a 19-year old college football player, crashed a car through the front window of a car dealership.

In a statement released by the Arlington Police Department, Officers were responding to a burglary call about 1 a.m. Friday in Arlington when they discovered someone had driven a vehicle through a front window of the Classic Buick GMC. Police approached the suspect and a struggle ensued. At some point during the struggle, an officer shot Taylor.

The office who pulled the trigger is Brad Miller, a 49-year-old who has been with the department since last September and who has been working under the supervision of a training officer. The police statement states that Miller had no police experience before joining the Arlington police force.

Serena Williams and many others are outraged and have taken to Twitter to spread awareness of this tragedy.