The Internet Is Going Nuts Over This Picture of Michelle Obama's Natural Hair

Natural hair, don't care!

One glimpse of Michelle Obama out here flourishing with her natural hair and the internet goes wild.

Everybody's favorite FLOTUS is living the good life after she and our beloved Barack Obama left their post at the White House. Currently, the powerhouse couple are in the French Polynesian Islands taking some well-deserved time off. It also happens to be the perfect setting for the former President to work on his upcoming memoir.

It's also where this viral photo of the Mrs. Obama was captured: dressed down in a tank top and sunglasses with her full natural fro pulled pack in a low pony. This is a lovely departure from the pristine, laid-to-perfection do's we're used to seeing on her:

The photo, originally published by Twitter user Gif Sommelier (kudos for the hilarious name) has been retweeted thousands of times. Of course, the reactions were nothing short of LOL-worthy:

Need we remind you, the Obama's are totally on cruise control these days. The couple was seen taking a stroll during their vacation in the British Virgin Islands - Barack with a backwards hat and Michelle with two super cute pigtails tucked under a sun hat. Iconic.

Fun fact: Michelle Obama's loyal hairstylist Johnny Wright predicted Mrs. Obama's natural hair reveal back in 2015. “I don’t know. Maybe on vacation she will [let down her fro],” said the celebrity stylist in an interview with The Root. “She is 100 percent natural now. It is a possibility.”

Ahhh, it gives us so much joy seeing Michelle Obama carefree. She deserves!!

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