Ray J and Princess Give The Real Reasons Behind Their Recent Issues with Brandy

" was in the heat of the moment."

Princess Love had the internet a-buzzin' recently when a comment to Brandy went viral, but everything is all good now.

The Norwoods Scoot-e-biked on by Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club to discuss all things pregnancy and Raycon electronics related. The elephant in the room needed to be addressed which was: What is the beef between Brandy and her sister-in-law Princess? Welp, according to them, nothing. It was a simply family dispute.

Momma Sonja and Brandy did not attend Princess' baby shower, however when Brandy offered congrats via the 'gram, Princess' response had us all curious about the tea.

Charlamagne the God immediately jumped in on the topic asking Princess, "What did Brandy text you? Because the Instagram was, Brandy showed you some love for your baby shower and you hit her back and said 'shut the f---k up posting this, I should post what you just text me.'" After a couple of chuckles, Ray J says "that's a family issue," to which Princess tags on "it was in the heat of the moment."

At the end of the day, Ray says it was just "family drama" and "unfortunately it [gets] out in the press and everybody should have an opinion 'cause it's out there [but] it's just what people do sometimes and you get back cool. Sometimes, everything isn't going to be all peachy clean. It's how you deal with the problem."

As far as why Sonja and Brandy were a no-show at the shower, Brandy was simply out-of-town and Sonja just didn't show up. Ray adds, "I love moms and moms is like my best friend." Sometimes "everyone isn't on the same page" but it's always love.

Issues aside, the Norwoods are excited to meet their other princess, Ray has a plethora of new electronics products, and their sex life? Well, you'll have to listen to the full interview above!

It really is all love, like in this throwback Love & Hip Hop Hollywood clip where Brandy and Sonja give Princess some much-needed advice.