Tila Tequila Tries to Explain Why Nicki Minaj Made it Okay for Her to Use the N-Word

Her Twitter fingers must be stopped.

Tila Tequila is the latest victim of Twitter fingers gone wild. The reality TV star felt the need to let everyone know how she feels about using the N-word. "Someone I know who's obviously NOT from Houston told me I need 2 stop saying the N word," Tila tweeted earlier this week. "You can't expect people of all races 2 listen to popular music and not have the N word embedded into their heads..... but that's my opinion."

She should've stopped right there, but instead she continued her argument by name dropping Nicki Minaj as a reason for her to use the N-word.

Just when you thought that she couldn't make matters worse, she started tweeting out extremely racist remarks to angry followers about how Blacks worship a fried chicken God, religiously smoke blunts and only shop at Walmart. Tila has now dubbed herself the "Troll God" and even roped Amanda Bynes into the situation.

She must be stopped.