Safaree Is Ready to Make the Rock Hard Commitment to a Special Lady, Here’s the Type of Woman He’s 'Really' Looking For

"I'm not doing this to waste people's time. I'm getting old."

Why do we love being in love when love seems to hate us?

It's no secret that Safaree Samuels is still out here looking for love, but in this Love & Hip Hop web exclusive, he tells us how he's going about it. Like the countless number of hopeless romantics out there, Safaree has tried his luck at online dating, but that in-person vibe just "wasn't the same" when he met his lady in the flesh. Not that he needs our help like that, but we want to do what we can to help the Brooklyn rapper fill that void in his life. In our chat he reveals that he goes home every night to go to sleep by himself. "I really want someone to cuddle with," he says, along with a list of a whole host of other requirements he's looking for in that special lady.

So, you're probably wondering, "What is Safaree looking for?" Here it is:

1. A woman who could be an escape.

2. She must know how to cook.

3. She must know how to respect his family.

4. A woman who rubs his neck when he has a long day.

5. Massages him.

6. Someone who really loves him for him.

7. Someone who doesn't show him off like a circus clown.

8. Someone who's a nice woman.

9. No fake bodies.

10. A lady with a good heart.

I would say "insert awww here," but that "rock hard" comment...

Anyway, the man is getting old. He's babysitting dogs so he doesn't feel as lonely. It's clearly rough, so help a brotha out. Hello? Is it you Safaree is looking for?

He definitely didn't find love in Hollywood, but now you can follow Safaree's ongoing quest on Love & Hip Hop, next Monday at 8/7c!