This Is No Flashback Friday... Two 'Flavor of Love' Stars Are Beefing and a 'Real Chance of Love' Star Got In the Mix, Too

Seems like Instagram is the spot for 10 year old beef.

Bippity, boppity, BLOOP! Shay, from Love & Hip Hop Miami, lowkey got read her rights on an IG live by a woman who is BIG MAD.

"The whole time you been on TV, they dissing you calling you D.W. from Arthur!" "You been getting clowned, you can't even get your hair done!" Dang, this lady is very upset. So who is this woman that has so much to say? Her name is Larissa, she goes by @larissatheone on Instagram (how fitting) and you probably know her under a different name: Bootz. Way back in the day, Larissa and Shay were on a little show called Flavor of Love 2 fighting for the love of the one and only Flavor of Love. Maybe you've heard of it?

The last time they filmed a show together was over 10 years ago, so why are they beefing now? Word on the street Instagram is, Bootz did some sort of IG live back in April where she had a few things to say about Shay. Buckey didn't like what was being said about her and recently took to her on IG Live to clapback at her former co-star. That brings us to last night, when Bootz turned around to respond and decided to call in Kiki from Real Chance of Love.

Looks like there's no more love between these two reality stars.

Larissa isn't the only woman that Shay has beef with. Check out this clip of her establishing two new enemies, Chinese Nicky and Chinese Kitty.