Lady Gaga's David Bowie Tribute Was Everything You Wanted and More

Prepare to cry.

Lady Gaga's highly-anticipated David Bowie tribute at the 2016 Grammy Awards was colorful, flamboyant but--most important--absolutely stunning. Sir Bowie would be proud.

Decked out in bright orange hair and a '70s-style disco suit, Gaga shifted through a myriad of Bowie's hits--including "Fame," "Ziggy Stardust" and "Rebel, Rebel"--with the style and theatrically of the rock icon himself.

Gaga frequently references Bowie in her own artistry, so her tributing him tonight makes perfect sense. They each share a love of true-blue showmanship, and that aesthetic permeated throughout Gaga's entire performance--right down to the technicolor backdrops.

It was a Grammy moment that will stand the test of time. Let us know what you thought about it in the comments below.

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