Did Ronda Rousey Throw Floyd Mayweather the Ultimate Shade?

The UFC fighter turned <em>Entourage</em> movie star has some interesting thoughts on the undefeated champ.

UFC fighter Ronda Rousey is transitioning into acting, with an appearance in the upcoming Entourage movie. While promoting the film, Access Hollywood asked her about another fighter: Floyd Mayweather, asking if she could take the undefeated champ in the ring.

"Well, I will never say that I can’t beat anyone," she said. "I don’t think that me and him would ever fight, unless we ended up dating."

Now the way she worded it has some people side-eyeing a little (domestic violence is quite different from a "fight") but she's still one of the few public figures calling Mayweather out for his crimes. Like the others who have done so, she'll probably be banned from his next fight, too.