5 Things That Need to Happen on HBO's 'Girls' Before We Say Goodbye

Marnie needs to check herself. For real.

Girls, the HBO series starring "voice of a generation" Lena Dunham, is ending in two seasons.

The news comes a month before the show's Season 5 premiere and is in line with Lena's camp's desire to end on a high note. Jenni Konner, co-runner of Girls, told The Hollywood Reporter last year: "We're not in the business of running it into the ground. We would like to end in a graceful place. And we'd like to tell a complete story. What that means is that we really have to start building towards an end soon, creatively."

The news is bittersweet, as no one ever really wants her favorite show to end, though it is exciting to see what will unfold in the final seasons. While we wait for the Season 5 premiere (and inevitably, the Season 6 finale), here are the five things we need to see happen on the show before we say goodbye to the ladies for good.

Hannah and Adam have to sort out their differences.

Season 4 ended in a rare instance of Adam humbly asking Hannah to take him back. But true to unbridled Hannah form, she refused. Maybe she's emotionally scarred from all of the manipulative crap he put her through. Maybe she's really in love with that teacher dude she started seeing. Either way, Season 5 and Season 6 need to bring some closure emotionally for Adam and Hannah both, so that they can get back to being the quirky, magnetic duo (romantic or otherwise) we know them to be.

Marnie needs to check herself.

Marnie's singing career is flopping and so is her engagement to Desi—we're all pretty over him and his holey chambray button downs, aren't we? It's time for Marnie to quit whining, start taking control of herself and her career and date a man who knows a thing or two about life, a.k.a. Ray. Or, better yet, not date anyone at all.

It's time for Shoshanna to find herself... but not in Japan.

Last we heard, Shosh was ready to shack up with a hot, successful man when she got a job offer in Japan and took it. Her friends have failed her time and time again, and though she has one of the most interesting story lines on the show—her social anxiety, her business-oriented mindset, the fact that she almost didn't graduate college (???)—nothing really ever comes of her character. The next two seasons are Shosh's time to shine.

Jessa needs to see just a little bit of success.

Jessa has been a nanny, a retail associate, a personal assistant and a professional drug addict since we first met her. She said in the Season 4 finale that she wants to be a therapist, which is probably the perfect job for her, considering she's the only one out of the four girls who actually listens to her friends' issues. Here's hoping she sets some sort of goal and actually accomplishes it in the coming seasons.

Ray cannot peak just yet.

Ray has consistently been the voice of reason. His career is finally stable, he's completely over Shosh and so not over Marnie, but is he peaking? Ray can't go downhill, now. He's just getting started. Something has to be next for him, and it's definitely not political office.