If You Love Monica, These Amazing Unreleased + Deep Cuts Will Make You Love Her Even More

Real stans only.

Monica is amazing. It's as simple as that. Ever since the release of her first album, Miss Thang, she's been slaying our ears and our hearts with her incredible music.

Tomorrow, she celebrates a huge milestone—her 35th birthday. In honor of this special occasion, here are some of Monica's unreleased songs, that you'll soon discover are pure gems in their own right. If you're in love with some of her greatest hits such as "Why I Love You So Much" and "Angel of Mine," you'll definitely love these as well. We're not sure why they weren't released, but as long as we can still hear them, it's all good.

"Ain't Nothing"

Monica is on her boss behavior in this track, and we're not mad at it.

"So In Love"

Happy she finally found the real one, she's singing about her new bae. She even spits a little bit in it. Nice touch.


Her voice floats softly on the beat of this track, as she let's her man know she'll gladly chuck the deuces if he doesn't change his ways.

"Do It All Again"

Regretting a break up, Monica admits that if she could go back in time and do things differently with her ex, she would in a (broken) heartbeat.

"How I Like It" Featuring Rocko

This song is all about Monica being sprung—and proud of it!

"Let Me Know" Featuring Miss Elliott

Any song with Missy is going to be fire. This one is obviously no different.

"No Stoppin'"

Another great track, Monica's voice is once again perfection as she tells her man that haters of their relationship can swerve out their business.

"So Bad"

A slightly faster tempo that her usual songs, the soulstress sings about unexpectedly falling hard for someone. Haven't we all?

"Street Butterfly"

She's been through a lot and seen a lot of things growing up in the hood. That's why she explains being "so hard, so pretty."

"Why Lie?"

Monica's not about those storytellers.

"You Chose Me"

Thankful for finding such a great guy, she's sings about her love and appreciate for the new love of her life.