From Miles Coming Out to Carmen's Wedding: The Most Groundbreaking Moments on VH1 in 2015

The Most Groundbreaking Moments on VH1 in 2015

Barriers were broken on VH1 in 2015 with the lives of LBGTQ people of color being explored on our series. Love & Hip Hop Hollywood welcomed its first gay male relationship with Miles and Milan. Miles' eventual coming out sparked an important conversation about sexuality, race, and the Hip hop industry, as covered by Out in Hip Hop.

Meanwhile Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn welcomed model Carmen Carrera to the cast, allowing her to share her personal journey as a trans woman, culminating in her wedding to Adrian Torres.

Let's take a look back at some of these groundbreaking moments!

Carmen Carrera Comes Out as Trans

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Carmen's openness about her transition and gender identity not only captivated audiences but it helped her educate her costars (and find an unlikely friend in rapper Joe Budden). In the end, Carmen and her estranged husband Adrian reconnected and were remarried in the season finale.

Miles Brock Comes Out of the Closet to Amber

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After struggling with his sexuality, Miles came out to his ex-girlfriend Amber, ultimately gaining her and his family's support despite his relationship with Milan breaking up.

Out in Hip Hop premieres

An all star panel including Run DMC, Big Freedia, and Ray J discussed the stigma of homosexuality in the hip hop as well as the black church. In a bonus interview, DMC called out Hip hop culture for their general homophobic, misogynistic views.

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