Yung Joc's New Girlfriend Is a Lawyer Who's Smart AF and Ready to Go Public With Their Love

"Ladies and gentleman, I finally found me the perfect woman to be by my side."

After "many failed relationships," Yung Joc is ready to settle down with a woman who is smart, ambitious, and totally head over heels in love with him. Enter: Kendra Robinson, Joc's lawyer fiancée.

On last night's episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, we finally got a peek at the woman who has stolen Joc's heart.

And we learned that the two are for real, for real. They have a house together, businesses together, and are "building an empire." With all of this evidence, Kendra has made quite the case for why Joc should finally tell everyone about their relationship.

But who is the woman who has Joc cooking her breakfast while she brings home her own bacon? Turns out she's a successful criminal and immigration attorney who is on her way to becoming a judge.

Joc met the ambitious attorney four years ago, which means that his relationship with her would overlap with Miss Karlie Redd. But since then, he has done a lot of growing up and a lot of it is thanks to Kendra!

She's, like, very smart. She earned a B.S. in mathematics at Kentucky State University and her J.D. from the University of Louisville’s Brandeis School of Law. Her Instagram biography describes her as, "Mathematician, Attorney, and Realtor." The hustle is real!

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