Uncle Luke and Peter Thomas Are Fighting Over Who Brought Hip Hop to Miami

Get ready for a 305 history lesson.

Music question of the day: Who brought hip hop to Miami? Take your time and think about it. In the meantime, Uncle Luke and Real Housewives of Atlanta star Peter Thomas are both staking a claim for being the original plug that connected hip hop to the 305.

Thomas started the debate by sharing a video on Instagram after a recent trip to Miami where he was slightly offended that people greeted him by offering a polite "welcome to my city". He naturally needed to make one thing clear. "There would be no Blackness celebrating on South Beach without Peter Thomas." He claims that through his work as a club owner and founder of the famous How Can I Be Down? music conference he brought hip hop superstars like Diddy, Russell Simmons, and Dr. Dre to South Beach for the first time. He concludes by saying that Uncle Luke came after him.

The 2 Live Crew member quickly jumped on Instagram to defend himself and claims that everything Thomas said was fake news. "Unfortunately, Peter my brother, this sh*t was going on long before you even got here." He states, "When you were in diapers, I was bringing down Run DMC, T La Rock, Mantronix, and all that stuff down here." Uncle Luke goes on to call him a "settler," stating that "you come settle in South Florida, and you think you run sh*t here. In fact, you don't. You settle, then you can't run sh*t, then you leave."

In a second video, Uncle Luke makes the most selfless claim that, "nobody runs Miami." He states that Miami is made up of all of the rappers here mentioning Trick Daddy, Ball Greezy, Trina, Rick Ross, Pitbull, and Flo Rida. "These are the guys who run Miami," he adds. "All I did was pave the way."

Well now that both men have made their case, we're sure that this debate will rage on with more people jumping in.

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